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​Raaka Keikka (Instrumental)

This song is by Eino Antiwäkki & Keemoh and appears on the album Raaka Keikka (2012).

This song is an instrumental version of "Raaka Keikka" by Eino Antiwäkki & Keemoh.
Joey, this is Max Keller. Max takes care of things. All kinds of things.
Trying to prove that maybe you can use me.
For what?
To take care of things. All kinds of things.
That job's filled.
Oh, I'm sure a smart man like Mr. Rokka is always looking to upgrade.
I'm the best there is.

Max... If you're the best there is, the wheel would've never been invented.
How'd you know I was looking for somebody?
I didn't.
I thought I might get lucky.
In case you forget, I'll be checking back with you.
I don't believe a fucking word he said.