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​To equal nothing

This song is by Eighthnerve and appears on the album Traverse The Sky Ep (2007).

Drawn together,
To fall apart,
This weighted silence,
Could Crush our hearts,
Buckled beneath this speechlessness,
Are bondsjust beginning to break,

Gone! We've lost that spark,
I swear we were fluorescent at the start,
You where the catalyst,
To all the chemicals that make me think,

Have we got the formulas wrong?
We can't add me and you up to equal nothing,
Equations that lust made so strong,
Now don't make sense at all.

Have we weathered so bad?
Rain eroded the tears now smudging your make up,
Each rose I gave scratched my hands,
Has each storm taught us nothing?
You know,
The secrets I've got scarred into my soul,
I've only ever let you inside.

Can we get back our spark?
Explode with chemistry inside the dark,
Forged from skin and dirt,
We elements compound to make this work.

Cold eyes, Hot lips,
I still fall for all your tricks,
Blood rushes flood Hormones,

I remember a time when I could have moved on like drifting clouds,
But I've fallen for you like the rain.

It's the one that you know,
Who'll tear your heart out and destroy you,
And as your ashes glow,
I'll recount all the things I've lost.

But light up that smile,
And it's me who feels electric,
And I'm fluorescent with your love again.