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Wine 'Em, Dine 'Em, Sixty-Nine 'Em

This song is by Eighteen Visions and appears on the album Until The Ink Runs Out (2000).

I want to taste you naked on the fuckinf floor.
So drink up my love. it's your night my love.
You can't feel the bang on a empty stomach.

Wow. yeah. yeah. wow. yeah.

This is what you wanted. you could be the one.
You can't feel this in those drunken knees that bend and I can't have you this way.
Delirious, it's hit that point but the nights not over.
Shout it out baby, you're full of glits and glamour.
In the thick of things you're so naive.
How could you think these things would last for more than one night?

This is the flavor. this is the taste.
Come hold these bleeding hands. let all the blood soak in.
You cry, hiding the tears. you cry. woo.
This is the flavor. this is the taste.
I want to take you down.
And your life took a crash and burn. so long sweetheart.
Sing me another song. before I leave you in the gutter.
That's where I found you dead. yeah.
You made it this far darling.
And now you're in that gutter.
And that's where I see you sweetly singing your songs of lust.
And that's where you'll sing so sweetly.

*This song is about rapists and how they take advantage of their victims.