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She Looks Good In Velvet

This song is by Eighteen Visions and appears on the album Until The Ink Runs Out (2000).

I know you can move in that black velvet. yeah.
so move for me in that velvet dress.
the sweet taste you'll leave on me.
tainted with that kiss.
bite your lip. brace yourself.
my hopes have turned into desperation.
please get undressed and lay beside me.
before my cold, cruel world comes to an end.
wasted by the sight of you.
it's all for nothing.
wasted by the sound of your voice.
but she said something.
i heard her scream.
today won't see tomorrow.
kiss goodbye.
suffering with the shadows of her cold embrace.
my neck snaps at the sound, at the sight of my eyes bleed.
trapped in my gloom. yeah.
now my hell is breaking loose.
so move for me in that black velvet baby. yeah.
why don't you follow me home.
that dress needs some action.
taint me sweet with that kiss.

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