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Motionless And White

This song is by Eighteen Visions and appears on the Compilation album The Best Of Eighteen Visions (2001).

Sit down and shut up
So I can sing you
Your fucking love song, yeah

So sit down and listen to me
I've got something to say
You took that line with too much pride
So sit down and listen to me
I've got something to say
I'm not gonna let you die

The money's on the table baby
The lunatic sits on the glass
Emotionless and white
Just sit back, relax and hold tight
You're not the big shot anymore

It gets worse
You've taken this too far
I say I should give up on you
I say I'm giving up on you

He makes the cut long and wide
It hurts to breathe
Your suicide
So where's your lonely cigarette?
'Cause it's time to come clean
You won't have the last laugh

So chalk up that line and hit it hard

Now can you feel the rush?

That rock hits hard
Hits hard as hell

Now I can see why you left
The taste there was all too good
And that gloss across your eyes
Is just shining way too bright
No one can help you anymore

Could you come back down?
Would you come back down?

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