Eighteen Visions:Five O Six A.M. Three/Fifteen Lyrics

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Five O Six A.M. Three/Fifteen

This song is by Eighteen Visions and appears on the album Yesterday Is Time Killed (1999) and on the Compilation album The Best Of Eighteen Visions (2001).

what are you swinging for?
swing for the fences or sit down.
break the fence and then another.
bloody face look away.
cornered in an empty room.
with nowhere to run.
stand on your platform.
today is your day.
touch the dying feeling and the flame will burn you dead.
you said it yourself, but you don't know what i've done.
and you cant see this dream that just wont leave me alone.
my mind is fixed on this.
the tracks desolate.
with something to shock.
i think i'm in shock.
someone knows my sin.
now bury that thought.
sick and sadistic.
the karma.
moonstruck red.
the blood drips.
they witness its over

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