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Fashion Show

This song is by Eighteen Visions and appears on the album Vanity (2002).

She couldn't kill me from the start.
She thought that she could break my heart.
I'm not the one that's been held down.
Because you're the one that's letting me go.
See me dancing in the rain.
See me I'm insane.
If you could feel my pain then you'd know.
I'll try to run and hid.
This hot pink Is way too bright.
I'm pretty in pink and these looks could kill if she finds me.
This hot pink is way too bright. Yeah.
I could be so abstract.
I wouldn't tell her the truth.
I could be so abstract.
She wouldn't know what to do.
But would she leave me alone?
If she knew that I was on fire.
She couldn't kill me from the start.
She though she could break my heart.
Yeah. . . you're only holding me down.
Yeah . . . and I won't want you around.
Sugar. Sugar.
Please Leave me alone.
Sugar. Sugar.
I could be so abstract.
So don't you fucking tell me that I'm wrong.

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