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An Old Wyoming Song

This song is by Eighteen Visions and appears on the album Yesterday Is Time Killed (1999) and on the Compilation album The Best Of Eighteen Visions (2001).

Read. learn. love. hate. fist. fuck. remember. rape. flesh
Burn. scar. murder. innocent. cry. laugh. face
Smash. kill the smile. bones. broken. wound. heal. die memories. gone.
You couldn't suffer on an angels wing today.
It slowly drains you. paralyzing cancer.
Its hard to let go and it broke you down.
Look into your oblivion... I turn away.
Weakness your desire.
I have no strength left to face you.
Deformed reflections.
That of a broken man with a broken addiction.
A broken soul. your broken hope.
Lifeless. dead.
Blackmind insanity.
Absent thoughts to nosebleed.
Break his silence.
The breath of the dead angel has spoken forevermore