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Come a Long Way

This song is by Eight and appears on the album Moving (2004).

You've come a long way now
You lived your life in conversation
The rumour in your mind has sold
And I just want you carry on

You've come a long way now
We've all lived life in conversation
The gift of olderness has shown
And you're on time

All the lines in the sand, lead me back again
Its clearer now from where I am, and the colours are shifting
The depth of you like an open hand, I know you're with me

'Cause you're making me breathe
(You're) All that I live for, you and I are carrying the load
Down on my knees, all that I hope for, you and I alone

All of the things they said wouldn't last
All of the time keeps slipping to the past
No one can say before it won't last

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