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Blood Rain

This song is by Eidolon and appears on the album Zero Hour (1996).

Music: S. Drover, G. Drover
Lyrics: S. Drover

As I glide swiftly in shadows
Unknown, I move without a sound
Before your mouth opens to scream
I'll have your world turned inside out
Within these walls are screams of pain
Countless ones who died before you
Forever trapped, your life is mine
For my life is blood rain

Glancing through these eyes of black
The mission to fulfill my need
Fatally hear you beg for life
Unwilling to absorb your plea
As soon you join the countless ones
Who've taste my blood red steel
Now that I have sealed your fate
Before my cross you'll kneel

Solo - Slav, Glen

At last for you, your time has come
For you to embrace my blade
Vastly quick I slit your throat
Now buried in your blood you lay
Behold my twisted vision
Motionless, your body still
Dormant in an unmarked grave
Existence, intent to kill!

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