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Arcturus Number 9

This song is by Eidolon and appears on the album The Parallel Otherworld (2006).

Traveling through a distance far
And protected by self-desiscion
Levitating in God's creation
Sense the grace of it all

Save us from the terror that they bring
Arcturus no. 9
Sirens call, a warning chants in space
Arcturus no. 9

Solo - Glen

Ancient breed, universal creature
Drawing closer, infernal mindstorm
Concentrate now, attack is approaching
Fast escape to my level

Dimensional flight
Between the eyes of
The existence, called The Unknown
The subliminal Gods, holders of
The original universal force
Powers to decide
Ancient fathers of
Dimensional flight
I see the change in me
Father, save me from this transformation

Solo - Michael Romeo
Solo - Glen
Solo - Michael Romeo
Solo - Glen

Tranquilized, set the world on fire
Power mindfield, superior armor
As I burn down their last final forces
See Arcturus arise

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