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Traversing Through the House of Delphi

This song is by Eidola and appears on the album Degeneraterra (2015).

Oh what it is to be
Selfless, formless and incomplete
Limitless proliferation
Without the complications

If you don't know where to go from here
Then I suggest you listen well
And speak loud and clear

Disassociate yourself from what you know
Seek the truth and we will overflow

I'm just a man in a world of God
I bargain for my freedom
But lately I've been coming up short
So I wager for my innocence and try to cut the cord

Oh how I try to cut the cord

There's no going back
We've sealed our fate here in this realm
But I know that you can find a way out of this hell
And I'll be waiting near the light for you

I waited my whole life for that sacred moment
Now I'm ready to cave in

Transcend the end

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