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The Great Deception of Marquis Marchosias

This song is by Eidola and appears on the album Degeneraterra (2015).

I am a man of conviction
Good intentions and humility
You are a liar, with no remorse
A boy with no solidity

I dream bigger and brighter
Softer and louder
Broader and more in tune
To delve into the conscious space
That is my self indulgent swoon

Have I ever steered you wrong?
Have I ever done you harm?
All I wanted was the best for us
But you're still sounding the alarm
Have I given you anything short
Of everything essential
In showing you your potential?

You will take all you want from me
Oh, the innocence I lack
You will take all you want from me
But I will take it all back in the end

I'll never lay down and die
For I am all that is love
All that is light
I'll never compromise
For I was born of this world
To take back the night

Mortality is cyclical
We cringe at every yaw
But finality is infinite
And universal law

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