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The Golden Rule Is, There Is No Golden Rule

This song is by Eidola and appears on the album The Great Glass Elephant (2012).

I've been gone for so long I can barely recall
The day I departed or the day you arrived
The incubus of divergence turned convalescent
In the invariably broadening conspectus of time and place

But I couldn't stay there
In a place where spatial identity was irrelevant
In all I could do
In all I've ever wanted

I'll pack my bags (As full as I could)
And take it all with me
I'll pack my bags (As full as I could)
Go back to the start

Then I lose myself in the smoke filled room
In the throne of the omnipotent preternatural impulses
To think that we can go it alone
But there is nothing to gain, nothing to sacrifice
And all we have is everything we share
To help each other along

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