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Omni: First Temple

This song is by Eidola and appears on the album Degeneraterra (2015).

My intention
Is to explore the realm of consciousness
And the human condition
To make mention
Of my gratitude and procession
I speak without apprehension

This constancy in unity
Is all that I know and all that I see
Existence will consume us all
And what we will grow to be

What confines you?
Who holds the strings?
And how does it define your purpose?
I want to know

I want to know your perception

Give us everything you have
Give us the truth

And we'll give you consistency
A place to reside in this complex design
Where grandeur is fated and fear can resign

Carve your path (Manifest destiny)
Stake a claim (Rewrite your history)
Do the math (As flawless as entropy)
Make a name (Disregard vanity)

Oh, brother, can you hear me speaking?
Oh, brother, can't you see you're still sleeping?

I'll be your redeemer from this world you created

Will we know God?

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