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Humble Ledger (Gnostic States)

This song is by Eidola and appears on the album Degeneraterra (2015).

First we must prove we can work
That we are deserving of the penance and the sacred dirt
Because our constitution is buried in the soil
While our ambition seeks to ascertain and toil in the high

Do you really know what's real anymore?

Then we must move
Invite ourselves as conduits
To congregate in lieu
Of all the disparity we hold in our hearts
And the unanswered questions that tear us apart

I could show you everything I know
But I was told that honest art is dead
You could give me a bed when I've got nowhere to go
But you were told that good nature is all in your head

When will we lead ourselves to water
And drink ourselves clean in the well?
When will we see our sins as fodder
Transcend the judgement and bid farewell?

When we are one
We will discern a meaning
When we are one
We are consecrated

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