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This song is by Eidola and appears on the album Degeneraterra (2015).

I've been treading water, tracing fire across the sky
Killing all the daylight in your undreaming eyes
Would you hear a melody if it didn't rhyme?
Could you feel a rhythm seal your place in time?

For centuries we've squandered everything that's sacred
These centuries we've stuttered to replicate the frequency
I was born to remain, you were born to resist
All the lies you maintain, all the cues that I missed

We were the invulnerable everything with nothing left to feel
As you and I divide, we'll compromise and learn to know what's real

Your wanderlust never carried us
Nor satisfied the need to be saved
Your highness never pardoned us
Now we wait in squalor as saints

I am the tyrant, you are the defeated
I am the ocean, you are the depleted
I am the beggar, you are the wealthy
I am the proud, you are the one who made me

Don't let go, my arms are full and my burden heavy
I need to know that all of this is more than temporary

We'll never know what's real

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