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This song is by Ego Likeness and appears on the album The Order of the Reptile (2006).

In the sea beyond us
In the city below
How much farther must I guide you
Until you let me go
You are the violent thief within
Taking all that I hold dear
You are the gorgeous parasite
Feeding on my fear

So bring it on heavy, Severine
You're coming through loud and clear
Show me no mercy, Severine
You still have sanctuary here

All the maps were taken
I only have the setting sun
To lead us through the forest
I can't believe what we have done
In the sea beyond us
In the city below
These roads are more complex
Than you'll ever know

This is not a bitter anthem
I have no quarrel here with you
It's just I have so little patience
And I know what I must do
I am the quiet thief within
Taking all that you hold dear
I am wiser for your lessons
You have taught me well