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Suspicion Bells

This song is by Effigy.

So all your letters she read
and made a scene at the restaurant,
she usually just reads between the lines.
Suspicion Bells,
She read the lines themselves,
and I just sat there soaked in cheap red wine.
Could we rehearse that one more time.
Forgot alost every single line.

I don't know why x2
You gotta know I know you
I gotta right x2
I gotta know who owns you
Say what you mean x2
Not just what you think sells
I hear them ring x2
I hear the distant knells,
of suspicion bells.

With fultile hopes I glean from a colour TV screen,
I wait for fame and fortune to arrive.
But I'm falling face down,
waving at the stars that drive by,
sucking on cigarettes soaked in cheap red wine.
These things aren't that hard to find.
It's just that I've wasted so much time.


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