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World of Shit

This song is by Eels and appears on the album Souljacker (2001).

Original video
In this world of shit
Baby, you are it
A little light that shines all over
Must take over and see us through the night

Daddy was a troubled genius
Mama was a real good egg
Why don't we just get together
For whatever and see if it's all right

I spent so many days just starin' at the haze
I think that's a book that I don't have to write again
And when I rise I shine, I've got you on my mind
And the question isn't, "if", the question is merely "when"

Baby, I confess
I am quite a mess
So let's get married and make some people
More than equal in this world of shit

I will make a pledge
To get down off the ledge
You and I belong together
And forever we will have our life

Written by:

Mark Everett / John Parish