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Perfect Heart

This song is by Edyta Górniak and appears on the album My (2012).

I used to have a lot of lover's fights
Never thought that I was just afraid
I didn't wanna feel this fear of love
Didn't Want it all
So I lost My faith
And then I met this Guy
With the perfect heart
With the perfect mind
Baby, baby...
And even though I did not
Search for love
My fear was gone
'Cause I knew
It was you
Who'll protect my from the world

I used to know lot of angry hearts
They would burn me out
I wasn't me...
From the day you came in to my life
My soul is always bright
Finally I'm free
And no one else but You
Will give me all
Adore me more
Baby baby...
You gave me so much strength
And so much faith
So much peace
Better me
No more fear
And no more worries
No more worries

You're my favourite soul
In this world
You're my perfect boy
My perfect love...

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