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You Girl

This song is by Edward.

Bah dah daht ...

What is keeping me from you girl
A love In my heart so strong
I feel
I can't go on...
You are my world
And I love you
Where would I be without you ...
You're my song...
Nothing compares with you
Nothing I can share with you
I'm all alone everynight
Pining away...
Hoping the day would go away...
I can't live without your love
How I
Long for you

Life ain't nice
Without you
Girl I just dream...
In the stars...
In your eyes...
The stars are your eyes
The unverse is love
But love will not without you
You read your books to me
You told me your life story
You shared your love with me
Can't forget
You are my dream girl...
You are my dream girl...
You girl are my dream...

So I just keep on singing
Of you girl
Of you girl
I love you ...
I love you
I really do...

So I'll see you around sometime I hope
I'll see you around
I'll see you around
I hope
I hope
I hope

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