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Porn Star

This song is by Edward.

Ooh Ain't it sweet
Look at that girl
From her head to her feet yeah
I love when she goes down
She's just not playin', around no more!

She's so hot and fine yeah
Back the thing
The girl's all mine
I want her night and day
All I want to do Is Play Play yeah
Back it up
Turn on the lights

Girl you look like Venus!
Venus blows my mind!
She's on the TV screen
Lookin' so fine hot and mean yeah
She's just the thing
Everybodies waiting to get in line yeah
Every one Down for It yeah
Look at that line beatin' a fit
The ladies hate her so
Good girls got it goin'
Don't you know

Back It Up!
Turn Up The Lights

It ain't no sin
My girl likes to win
She don't mess around
When she goes down
She's so hot and fine
She's a big star now
Goin' down on that ball
With everything she can
It would be a sin
Not to see her
Wild Thing
Do You like my thing
She's a Porn Star
Gettin' down
She is hot tonight
Desire and Ice she's all right

My My Girl
I can break it down
Back IT Up
Turn on the lights

Blow my mind

Oh my mind

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