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Love Or Money

This song is by Edward.

Boy she says with her big eyes of green
She says
Look boy
At all of these wonderful things
Lets go rollin' in your limosine
I've got diamonds and jewelry
And everything
Lets got to Paris tonight
Get all we can dim the lights yeah

She says ain't it funny boy we got all of this money
She says
Ain't is funny
We have all of this money
I love you so honey
I love you
It's not this money
Then we're rollin' down the street
In my wonderful mercedybens seats yeah
The plush seats she soaks right in and
She puts down the top like it's always been
Me and the boys are feeling hot tonight
'Cause tonight
Everything is hoppin
And we got to get it
We got to sing
We got the bling
Casino lights are everything!
Nnd we're double rolling and workin it hard
She's player starin' like she's on fire
Hey baby can you see what I got
A roll of cash on me now
That's what she wants
She Says

I love you so honey
I love you
It's not your money

But then she's off in the morning
She goes out to
The dress shop and she's gone
A purse and Dress in Paris
She's gonna get all
That she can
And she goes
She says look at all of these wonderful things
I got
All over Europe and things
She says
Then she's off all night in my limo
Showing off like the girl's got it goin'


When it comes crashin'down
She'll be gone
I know she's got to get her way with me
I know the beauty's just
Rollin' my pockets
She's a beautiful girl
She's just throwing her self down

She's goin' down for money
She says she wants to go to New York
She says she's gonna meet me in LA
Be in New Orleans in the evening
Spending all
Suck my money
She says she loves me not my money
But isn't it so funny
When it's gone
Everything's gone
She'll be gone with her big green eyes yeah

Down in Detroin she's got a big Limosine
And she's callin' the strut
She's ridin' with all of her boys
I'm just now another toy

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