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A Perfect Day

This song is by Edna's Goldfish and appears on the album Before You Knew Better... (1997).

I've got so many problems I can't get 'em off my mind
There's no need to argue when it happens all the time
There's so many things that I'd rather do
Then sit around and think about and get all bent over you
It happens all the time

You got me running through your mind
I got you tuning through mine
We're running at the same time
But you'll never catch me 'cause I'm never in your sight

Tapping on your window just to say hello
It's the middle of the night but I just can't let you go
You're always only mind and I thought I'd just let you know
That I'm not crazy but I'm crazy for you

Got you always in my mind
Running out of time while we're running at the same time
But you're never gonna catch me 'cause I'm never in your sight
We're always out of time
And we're running at the same...

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