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The Liberty Bell March

This song is by Edison Grand Concert Band.

Liberty bell

If you want some fun and get a history lesson too?

You want the Liberty Bell to ring you got to pull the rope.
You want to make it go ?ring a ding? you got to have some hope
You want the Liberty bell to sing you got to pull the cord
So ring a little bit more than you can afford (you can afford)

You're wondering what this song is all about
You've never been closer now to finding out
So lean a little bit nearer now, and listen my dear
I'll tell you what you really need to hear

Maybe you think I want to pull your chain?
[That really could only mean that I'm insane}
But that wouldn't be the way your trust to gain.
So come a little bit closer, now, and open your ear.
I'll tell you what I think you need to hear.

Grab that rope and give the thing a pull
Emotions then will make your eyes feel full
You may not think that you'll be on the brink
Of making noise you'll hear forever
Ringing in your ears; you better
Grab that cord and give the thing a jerk
'Cause if you don't that bell ain't gonna work
It may be cracked, but when the clapper's whacked

The sound will give your mouth the urge to cheer!

The Liberty Bell (the Liberty bell)
The Liberty Bell (the Liberty Bell)
The Liberty Bell, The Liberty Bell, it's in Pennsylvania
(The one that's in)
The Liberty Bell (the Liberty bell)
The Liberty Bell (the Liberty Bell)
The Liberty Bell, The Liberty Bell that's in Philadelphia
(The one that's in)
They're keeping it in Convention Hall
You'll it's hanging right inside the Mall
You better get your ass in gear and make some music we can hear

So grab a hold and give the rope a tug
And then you'll want to give yourself a hug
It feels so good to do the things you should
You'll never want to hear the ring of
Any other ringin' thing

I bet you'll want to ring the Bell again
It sounds just like the one they call Big Ben
So give a yank, you'll have yourself to thank
You'll feel so good you'll do it twice and then
You'll never stop. (Stop!)