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The Dead

This song is by Edge of Sanity and appears on the album Nothing but Death Remains (1991).

Passing Necrosis,
The tunnel of pain is in front.
You're passing through dimensions,
A life is ended, another is gone.

Remember for the last time,
Then you'll be erased.
Another reich is calling,
Your journey has just begun.

Close the open door, released from all abhor.
Finally unleashed, bodily deceased.

Noting but death remains!... You die!

Existing now in other form,
After purgatory you were reborn.
Still on earth, a dying shell,
Burnt to ashes in the flames of Christ.

You die!

Death is all around you,
Every breath can be the last.
Drown in thoughts of dying,
Your life has gone to fast.

The dead is leading the dead,
Like the blind is leading the blind.
The dead is leading the dead,
And the blind is leading the blind.

Nothing but death remains!

Nothing but death remains!


Music by:

Edge of Sanity

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