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Maze Of Existence

This song is by Edge of Sanity.

Left alone, left to live in a rotting world
Running, searching Kurnugia
Reich of death never let you in

Torment, you suffer, not only God
And His almighty lies can bring endless life
Chemical torture left to search
For the end in a fading world, deformed but living

No more suffering, no more pain
Never be taking your last breath
You're emerging from the human race
Human race

Welcome to eternal life
Immortality for sale
Resistant to all forms of death
Tormented in the maze of existence

Epidemic reign, epidemic reign
Epidemic reign can control the cells within
Never ending search for the other side
Segregated tissues see the final day

Injecting the dose into your mind
A repulsive change begins
In this war against yourself
Internally your body is more healed

Written by:

Andreas Magnus Axelsson; Benny Leif Thore Larsson; Per Anders Lindberg; Sami Joackim Nerberg; Dag Gunnar Swanoe

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