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Incipience to the Butchery

This song is by Edge of Sanity and appears on the album Unorthodox (1992).

The ghoul has reached my coffin
Now he smash the lid
All I see is darkness
And two shining eyes
Crawling to the church
And in a stream of light
I see my mutilated remains
Gore instead of flesh
Rotten and filled with maggots
I search for modern life
I would die to see,
My kids and wife

A scream break the silence
A human being died
Shocked of this morbid sight
Crawling in the night

I'm so near my dying place,
I can see my loved
I open the door and there she stands,
I hear the children scream

I saw people die, as dead as I was
The children puked then died,
Love has turned to carrion


Music by:

Dan Swanö, Sami Nerberg

Lyrics by:

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