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I Wanna Go Home

This song is by Edge of Sanity and appears on the album Evolution (1999).

I've been away for 50 days now
I'm broken and I wanna go home
I haven't seen you for a long, long time
I'm making love to you on the phone
Another hotel in a another town
There's nothing here to see at all
Too many miles on too many roads
And too many long distance calls

I wanna go home
I wanna go home
I'm tired of travelling
Tired of the same roads...
Tired of everything

Another day another week
Going up and down these roads
I'm looking through the windshield
But I've seen it all before
I fill my head with fantasies
To take the edge of the day
But I'm out of stories and things to tell
'Cause everything looks the same

I wanna go home...

Going to the same old places
Time after time
Sometimes I wonder
If this is what it's all about
Staring at a picture of you
Wishing I were back home
I need something bad right now
Bad to make me feel good

I wanna go home...

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