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Decepted by the Cross

This song is by Edge of Sanity and appears on the album Nothing but Death Remains (1991).

Subconciuos desolation of your mind.
Enter the church of life.
Deceived by the almighty.
Obeying the book of lies.

Goes money to those who suffer,
Or to God for all his help?

The preachers words of wisdom,
Cleanse their souls of sin.
They his holy checkbook,
The saviour will heal from within.

Liar, stealing money from the weak.
Deceiver, the checkbook is your holy bible.

God in heaven, speak to me.
But you will hear no words.
Complete silence surrounds you now.
But still you hear Him speak.

Trust the cross, believe in lies.
A crime of the mind.
Brainwashed, mindcontrolled.
They seek for their Lord above.

But they will never find.
Because the church has made them blind.
Escaping reality, lost for eternity.

Preacher, your healing is just a fake.
Believer, you're decepted by the cross.
... The cross...


Music by:

Edge of Sanity

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