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New Man

This song is by Edgar Winter and appears on the album Jazzin' The Blues (2004).

I woke up this mornin' and opened up an eye
With a cool kind'a buzz-on feelin' sorta high
I jumped out'a bed like a son of a gun
Then it clicked in my head it was 2 0 0 1

I'm tellin' you, man
It's really true, man
I feel like a new man
(Yes I do)
I'm gonna make a new plan
With a new point of view, man
I'm feelin' like a new man
(Yes I am)

(Whew-ew-ewh, I mean feelin' alright)

Now I wrote this song while I was in the shower
I had a dozen more in a matter of an hour
Think what I could've done in the time it took
I feel so good I might even write a book

Tellin' you, man
I'm not through, man
Now I'm a new man
(Yes I am)
My life has a new span
With a new point of view, man
Feelin' like a new man
(Yes I am)


New man
Thinkin' like a new man
Actin' like a new man
Feelin' like a new man
(Yes I am, Yeah)
(Look out)

(How 'bout a little new organ for you all right now)

(Whoo-oo-ee, let me tell yall, I sure feel good)

Now, I could figure out how to conquer outer space
Stop global warming and save the human race
Balance up the budget and get us out of debt
Have it all down pat without workin' up a sweat

Tellin' you, man
It's the least I can do, man
Now that I'm a new man
(That's what I am, Yea-hu-huh)
An' you can do it too, man
Have a new point of view, man
And you can be a new man
(Yes you can)

(Now wait just a minute
There's one more thing I want'a say before I go)

Why don't we stop this fightin' and try a little peace
It's a big waste of time don't you think it ought'a cease
We could talk to each other and try to get along
If we help one another how can we go wrong

I'm tellin' you, man
That a new point of view can
Be the birth of a new man
(Yes it can)
Now if you wonder who can
The answer is you, man
You can be a new man
(Yes you can)
So If you're feelin' blue, man
Just find a dream to persue, man
And you can be a new man
(Don't you know you can)

You can be a new man
Acting like a new man
Livin' like a new man
Feelin' like a new man
I want'a tell you that you can
Be a new man

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