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I'm Here

This song is by Edgar Cortés.

Walking around
Thinking about you
Remembering those days
When we used to be so close
And all those things
That we've been through
Wondering why
Did you leave my in that way?

And I'm here...
I still thinking about you
And I can't get you out of my mind
And I'm here...
All alone
And I feel like I'm dying
Ohhhh, I'm here...

And I don't know how
Things turned out so wrong
If I did my best
To make it last forever
I can't realize
What made you change your mind
Why can't you see
That I live for you, baby


How can I make you see
That, baby, we're meant to be
I don't want you to say good bye
'Cause without you, girl, I'd rather die


Ohhh, I'm here, baby
And now you are so gone
All the promises you gave to me
And all my dreams will be undone

Ohhh, I'm here...
And I still think about you'

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