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​Wild Chase

This song is by Edenbridge and appears on the album Shine (2004).

The dew-drop of dawn
Are glaring in morningly light
The silver clouds gone
The Indian summer so bright

I hear the piper so nigh
The westerly wind brings his tone
The tree-tops so far in the sky
I follow those traces unknown

And over the valleys I ride
The wild chase a-glow
Cause my restless heart's in a constant flow
The bliss of the moment in me
It is like ambrosia
A dovelike temptation for me
The wild chase is my endless symphony

I'm gathering force every time
When sylvan deities smile
Time seems to be out of joint suddenly
And I want to roam for a while

Wild chase, this trace
It's calling me
Your grace, embrace
A raving beauty

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