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Wrong Way

This song is by Eden Synthetic Corps and appears on the album Enhancer (2008).

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I should have drove myself into some acid chemical
I should have let you know I had the feeling I was turning (in) to some kind of animal
The man you thought I was kept something bad within
You had the time to run away and figure out the beast I've always been

Now close your eyes and take my hand
You're going the wrong way
I'll be gentle enough not to eat your heart, you might need it someday

Run, bitch, run!
You're going the wrong way
Run, bitch, run!
You're going the wrong way
I'll give you all the love you need
I'll even give you air to breathe
You should be smart enough to hear the words I say
You're going the wrong way!

I should have told you sooner I'd like to bathe in your blood
I'll show you the way I found to deal with pain and feel like a god

The words are written on my forehead, and if you look closer you will read something like I love you. And I do, I really fucking do. But things have changed and I'm not the man you once shared your life and bed with. I am a king now. You're just nothing!

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