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Waste of Ammo

This song is by Eden Synthetic Corps and appears on the album Enhancer (2008).

I'm counting the hours to get rid of your face
I'm counting the days to extinguish your race
Calling out everyone to wipe you out of the earth
This will be your first death, I will have my sixth birth

You wave your hands at the window as if you missed me
I can't remember the last time you kissed me
You come running outside and call my name
Your fake love just drove me insane

You're here talking to me with your cynical smile
This time I'll hold my breath for a little while
I want you dead tonight, I want your fucking life
I'll cut you wide open with my shiny knife.

Lay down and open up your arms
Look at all the stars
You will be out there
Take off your fancy evening dress
There's no one to impress
There's no one out here

You won't need to dodge bullets tonight
You're such a waste of love
You're such a waste of ammo
You won't see the bullets burning bright
You're such a waste of life
You're such a waste of ammo

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