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This song is by Eden Synthetic Corps and appears on the album Enhancer (2008).

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This time I'll be wide awake
This time no one will hear me shout
Because the next time you forsake me
I will shoot your fucking brains out.

You better behave, you better beware
I've reached the point where I don't even fucking care
It's about time you quit thinking it's just you... it's me too!

Just when I thought we could live such a perfect future, you scarred my heart for life
But from now on it's just me... and you... just wake the fuck up!

It's gone from sadness to madness
It's gone from pain to agony
I want your filthy words to hurt you now twice as much as they did to me

Trust me, if I can have your love tonight
I'll hold you in my arms so tight
I'll keep the knife inside the drawer this time
Kiss me, make me want to keep this night
Forever in my heart, and find a reason not to hurt you

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