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Attention Whore

This song is by Eden Synthetic Corps and appears on the album Enhancer (2008).

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Your useless acts of kindness crack me down
Your stinking words of love won't break my ground
Your stupid screams will only make your throat sore
You'll always envy my pride, you're just an attention whore.

Come baby, won't you lick my feet?
Come lady be the brand new beat
Come bitch, you're such a fucking bore
Come whore, you'll only beg for more

Your mirror cracks the face that you adore
Your waters stopped and never reached the shore
You're just the same bitch as the night before,
You'll always envy my world, you're just an attention whore

You'll see me on your perfect sky tonight
A million stars reach out for me
You should have thought and tried to make it right

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