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The Voice Inside

This song is by Eden's Curse and appears on the album Eden's Curse (2007).

Don't judge a book by it's leaf
You know a * that's once been said
I'm not the kind who's ease the aggrieve
By the things that I have read
For my mother she once told me
You know you've gotta live your dreams
And I'll keep her words inside me for all eternity it seems

I fought the pain some how
I guess when others would surely drown
Well I'm not that kind of men who lets his guard fall down
For my father he once told me don't let them bring you down
And I've kept his words inside of me

I felt the pain within my heart
Still hold the memory deep inside
And I see it in a dream
When I close my eyes at night
Now the greatest gift of this life
Memories that I'm alive
I'll pray I never stop hearing the voice inside

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