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Sail On

This song is by Eden's Curse and appears on the album The Second Coming (2008).

So many times in life
We judge another
Yet never discover why
'Cause the road has different turns

So many wrongs made right
Like so many rules
Made up by fools
Ain't your life hard enough?

Stand up - Fight for how your livin'
Knocked down - Gotta find your way back up
Figure out - It's all about the givin'
We're living' in the danger zone

Sail On - My chance to make this right
How am I always findin' the wrong way
When nothin' else matters
Sail away from this life
Sail On - One chance to live my life
How could I ever know the right way
Dreams have been shattered
Sail away from this life

So much black and white
So much under cover
They never discover why
Another sign of the times
We're living in

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