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You Know You Wanna

This song is by Eden's Crush.

(Talking) I'm addicted to you*

Promise me
This night wont be the last time
Baby wrap ur arms around me
An let me hold you tight
In the middle of the evening
Ill make you feel all right

Is it ur eyes?
Is it ur kiss?
Is it the affection that I miss?
I never ever want 2 say goodbye
And oh if I knew
Everything would end soon
I'd still choose to be w/ u

Anywhere but here
Something never meant to be
Everything you meant to me
Bitch you grown, that ain't baby fat

If I can't do well homie it can't be done
I'm gonna let the champagne bottle pop
I'm gonna take it to the top for sho
I'm gonna make it hot BABY

I know what I want
And that's more than you can say

"Look you made me go and hurt my dick hand!"

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