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Poison Red Berries

This song is by Eddy Arnold and appears on the album Lonely People (1972).

(Mickey Newbury)

You know I don't think much about her anymore
Seldom if ever does she cross my mind
Yesterday's gone love it's better forgotten
Like the poison red berries to die on the vine.

This morning at dawn Lord I pulled into town
Had some coffee and talked with some old friends of mine
Laughing at all the good times they remember
And then I remembered the time.

Oh Lord, I can still see the bright lights back in Dallas
As yesterday moves like a dream through my mind
I didn't suppose that I'd ever forget her
And you know it took such a long time.

But you know I don't think much about her no more
And seldom if ever does she ever cross my mind
Yesterday's gone and it's better forgotten
It's like a poison red berry that clings to the mind...

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