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Each Minute Seems Like A Million Years

This song is by Eddy Arnold and appears on the album Tennessee Plowboy & His Guitar (1998).

Each minute seems like a million years
Writer Alton Watson

[1] I have no [5] Record now of [1] Time [1-7] For [4] You are all that's on My [1] Mind I [4] Think of You both Night and [1] Day Each Hour, of each [5] Minute You're A-[1] way Was it Days or Years since You Left Oh how many Hours now have Passed I know I've Shed Ten-thousaind Tears EACH MINUTE SEEMS A MILLION YEARS Each Night I go to Bed and Then I Pray that You'll come back Again When Sleep won't come to Drown my Fears EACH MINUTE SEEMS A MILLION YEARS Till I'm Back within Your Arms Again And until I Find that Nights do End The Time I Wait for You, My Dear EACH MINUTE SEEMS A MILLION YEARS

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