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This song is by Eddy Arnold and appears on the album Cattle Call (1963).

(Stan Jones)

I'm lonesome but happy
Rich but I'm broke
And the good Lord knows the reason
I'm just a cowpoke.

From Cheyenne to Douglas
All the ranges I know
'Cause I drift with the wind
No one cares where I go. (Moan)

I ain't got a dime
In these old worn out jeans
So I'll stop eatin' steak
And go back to beans.

I'll pick up a ten spot
And press God I know
Well, I'm ridin' the broncs
In the big rodeo. (Moan)

Some evening in springtime
A felly I'll find
And we might spend all the summer
With her on my mind.

But I'll never be branded
And never be broke
I'm a carefree range ridin'
Driftin' cowpoke... (Moan)

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