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All By Myself (1971)Edit

Eddie Kendricks - All By Myself

All By Myself

  1. Let's Go Back To Day One
  2. This Used To Be The Home Of Johnnie Mae
  3. I Did It All For You
  4. It's So Hard For Me To Say Good-Bye
  5. Something's Burning
  6. Can I
  7. Didn't We

People... Hold On (1972)Edit

Eddie Kendricks - People... Hold On

People... Hold On

  1. If You Let Me
  2. Let Me Run Into Your Lonely Heart
  3. Day By Day
  4. Girl You Need A Change Of Mind
  5. Someday We'll Have A Better World
  6. My People...Hold On
  7. Date With The Rain
  8. Eddie's Love
  9. I'm On The Sideline
  10. Just Memories

Eddie Kendricks (1973)Edit

Eddie Kendricks - Eddie Kendricks

Eddie Kendricks

  1. Only Room For Two
  2. Darling Come Back Home
  3. Each Day I Cry A Little
  4. Can't Help What I Am
  5. Keep On Truckin'
  6. Any Day Now
  7. Not On The Outside
  8. Where Do You Go (Baby)

Boogie Down! (1974)Edit

Eddie Kendricks - Boogie Down!

Boogie Down!

  1. The Thin Man
  2. Tell Her Love Has Felt the Need
  3. Son of Sagittarius
  4. Boogie Down
  5. Hooked on Your Love
  6. Honey Brown
  7. You Are the Melody of My Life
  8. Trust Your Heart
  9. Girl of My Dreams
  10. Loving You the Second Time Around

For You (1974)Edit

Eddie Kendricks - For You

For You

  1. Please Don't Go Away
  2. One Tear
  3. Shoeshine Boy
  4. Deep And Quiet Love
  5. Let Yourself Go
  6. If
  7. If You Think (You Can)
  8. Time in a Bottle

Goin' Up In Smoke (1976)Edit

Eddie Kendricks - Goin' Up In Smoke

Goin' Up In Smoke

  1. Goin' Up In Smoke
  2. The Newness Is Gone
  3. Sweet Tenderoni
  4. Born Again
  5. Don't You Want Light
  6. Music Man
  7. Thanks For The Memories
  8. To You From Me
  9. Don't Put Off Till Tomorrow
  10. Skeleton In Your Closet

Other SongsEdit

  1. Get The Cream Off The Top
  2. He's A Friend
  3. I Know I'm Losing You
  4. I've Got To Be
  5. Intimate Friends

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