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Grace (1996)Edit

Eddie James - Grace
  1. My Soul Says Yes
  2. My Hope Is In The Name
  3. Jesus Fan
  4. O, Lord I Worship You
  5. Grace
  6. He's A Healer
  7. God Is Able
  8. I'll Praise Him
  9. Passion
  10. You
  11. Lift Jesus Higher
  12. More Than Anything
  13. Extreme Love
  14. Jesus Loves Me (Interlude)
  15. Jesus Loves Me
  16. Truly

Fervent Worship (2001)Edit

Eddie James - Fervent Worship
Fervent Worship
  1. You Are Worthy
  2. This Is What I'll Do
  3. Victory
  4. Everything
  5. Holy
  6. Prepare
  7. My Promise
  8. Jesus Paid It All
  9. All The Way
  10. The Name Of The Lord Is Great

God, Me & My Piano (2004)Edit

Eddie James - God, Me & My Piano
God, Me & My Piano
  1. Famous One
  2. T Shalach
  3. Rescue
  4. Desperation
  5. I Need You
  6. I Love You Lord
  7. Wrap Me In Your Arms
  8. How Great Is Our God
  9. I Can Only Imagine

Life (2008)Edit

Eddie James - Life
  1. Because of You
  2. I'm Addicted
  3. Lou's Prayer
  4. Rescue
  5. I Am
  6. Free to Worship
  7. Free to Run
  8. How Great is Our God
  9. Lord You're Holy
  10. Prepare/Holy Visitation

Freedom (2008)Edit

Eddie James - Freedom
  1. Praise Medley: Lion Of Judah/My Praise Is A Weapon
  2. You Are Jehovah
  3. The Name Of Jesus Is Lifted High
  4. Worship The One
  5. Call To The Nations
  6. Arise
  7. Jesus Said It
  8. You Are Worthy
  9. I'm Sending The Fire
  10. Freedom
  11. Here I Am
  12. Jesus Said It (Reprise)

Yearn (2010)Edit

Eddie James - Yearn
  1. As the Deer
  2. I Exalt Thee
  3. Surround Me O Lord
  4. I Love You Lord
  5. Agnus Dei
  6. Dance With Me
  7. I Am Yours
  8. Let it Rain

Heritage (2010)Edit

Eddie James - Heritage
  1. How Great Thou Art
  2. Blessed Assurance
  3. Love Lifted Me
  4. Great is Thy Faithfulness
  5. It is Well
  6. Jesus Paid it All
  7. Tis So Sweet
  8. Pass Me Not

GOD (2010)Edit

  1. God
  2. New Creation
  3. Rua
  4. We Win
  5. I Need You
  6. Draw Nigh
  7. You've Ruined Me
  8. It's Time
  9. The Name of the Lord is Great
  10. The Dream

Freedom - Live From The Ramp (2011)Edit

Eddie James - Freedom - Live From The Ramp
Freedom - Live From The Ramp
Disc One
  1. Lion Of Judah
  2. You Are Jehovah
  3. The Name Of Jesus Is Lifted High
  4. I Will Bless The Lord
  5. Holy
  6. Jesus Said It
  7. You Are Worthy
  8. I'm Sending The Fire
  9. Freedom
Disc Two
  1. I Am (Live)
  2. I Need You (Live)
  3. Freedom (Studio)
  4. I Am (Studio)
  5. Lord You're Holy (Studio)
  6. Free To Worship (Studio)

Shift (2013)Edit

Eddie James - Shift
Volume 1 (Fire)
  1. Fire (featuring Jayna Cullens and Micayla Burnes)
  2. That Same Spirit (featuring Elijah Schoolfield)
  3. That Same Spirit Praise Break (Jesus Said it Reprise)
  4. Joy (featuring Catherine Mullins)
  5. I Love You
  6. Your Face (featuring Nick Franklin and Emma Back)
  7. He's Alive
  8. Breathe on Me (featuring Bryn Waddell)
Volume 2 (Awakening)
  1. Awakening
  2. Shift (featuring Kyle Evans)
  3. Rend
  4. Holy Spirit Come (featuring Jayna Cullens and Tanisha Mimms)
  5. You Reign (featuring Nick Franklin and Alicia Evans)
  6. Nazarite Cry
  7. Leviticus 6:13 (featuring Jonathan Thompson)
  8. House of Prayer (featuring Jayna Cullens)

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