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​The Candidate

This song is by Eddie From Ohio and appears on the album A Juggler On His Blades (1992).

I hear his camp I going to fold
A west coast paper
Printed something they were told
A substance back in school he smoked
Was named in great detail
And no one would
Say how the story broke

I hear he's dropping out of the race
Some unnamed letters
Mentioned all the girls he chased
And when it's time to greet the press
He holds his family's hands
And wishes former foes his very best

Now any man who thinks he can
Pull that sword from the stone
Finds the pen is mightier
When his past is known
Could Jesus run for office
And provide a perfect slate
Would anyone who's sound of mind
Dare be the candidate

I hear there's no way he could win
His college friends released
An essay he turned in
It seems that once his school of thought
Was closely aligned with extremists
He campaigned that he was not

He takes some cheap shots from the right
The left denies his views
He's bankrupt overnight
A friend once said these words profound
The people who lift you
Are the very same who'll bring you down

Would anyone who's free from shame
Dare be the candidate
Would anyone who's sound of mind dare be