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Emcees Smoke Crack (Remix)

This song is by Edan.

"'I don't smoke crack (what)... I smoke emcees'" (3x)
"'I don't smoke crack...
Emcee's... smoke crack'"(3x)

Shooby-doo-wop, true skills is in your area
Crush cassette decks, wreck your danceteria
Rap relater, rapture that attacks pure
Activator rap pro that slash afros
Can you capture lines I manifacture?
Metaphor mastermind meant to match ya
Merry-go-rounds, the stereo sound, solidify settlement
Celebrating elevating elements
Tell 'em it's the one with the force of a sun
With a gold that glistens towards solar systems
Twist and turn, you learn I talk tenacious
Laser beam and dream to walk the spaceships
Stars of the galaxy greet the grey granite
Newborn light expands the grand planet
Words circulate to fertilize soil
Kings bring things that murder might spoil
Meanwhile energy bursts in the basement
Distant from districts of displacement
Out of the record you'll arise a raw rhymer
I Rock Gibraltar to smack small timers
The trilogy of talk: tongues, lungs and diaphragms
Pentriloquist with venomous Venn diagrams
Egg yolks in the eyes is how I'm doin' em
Emcees smoke crack, I smoke aluminum

Satellites shooting out my dick when I piss
I wear the Prime Meridian around my wrist
It's the half-metal Golden Boy, you know the droid
Invisible on Polaroid, steam-roller toy
Bi-polar solar voice in the vocal booth
My fifty-record catalog will soon show the proof,
Go the length like an overbite, white dolomite, hold a mic like Ben Franklin holds a kite
Paralyze a parakeet, prepare the beat, vocalize peace like a wise Cherokee chief
Energy fields, molecules, symmetry walls,
Then he reveals, chemistry when enemies call,
Shootout; vital information pave a new route
New Jacks take up space and throw food out
Count cool out, but I never touch the rock;
I keep up the par while you beam up to Scott
I smoke the elements that's unexplored by drug fiends
To open up some psychedelic shit for the club scene
Don't even try to pass me the foil for me to breathe through it;
"Smoking Aluminum"'s a figure of speech, stupid!
I get busy from shore to shore, I'm only twenty-four, and untouched by competitors
Rotten eggs in a jar is how I'm doin' it,
Emcees smoke the rocks; I smoke aluminum

(CHORUS as outro)

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