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On Fire

This song is by Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs.

DJ Supreme One cuts up

Everything I write is a masterpiece
You're gettin' raped by your label like catholic priests
On a whole it's only half the beast
Repeatin on my words like Freaky Tah did after Cheeks
If you don't like me you don't have to speak
I'm killin' niggas with one eye open and half asleep
You uninspired, in MA and tired
What you doin' I did a year before the LA riots
Made the city unbiased, now it's shows and flyers
I claim home but play out of state like the New York Giants
Refuse to spread violence like tyrants
In third world countries, stay with trees like monkeys
Don't be fooled by the Boston accents
We talk with wordss and we talk with actions
Not New York, Dirty South, West Coast or Midwest
Cause Boston's where the kid rest

On fire
I heat it up
I'm burnin up
On fire
Burn it up
I'm burnin up

Hey yo, I'm glad to be back with an allstar team
Despite the salary cap, this here's reality rap
It gets ill, so niggas better go chill
Or come real before they get hit up like road kill
For tryin' to make the mountain out a molehill
It's like old ass rappers tryin' to blow still
It's sad to see a MC with no skill
On the mic tryin' to get back that old thrill
Now that the culture faded
Try to picture the industry without bein tainted
I'm 'bout to paint it, it's a picture of Edo
Unadultared, never jaded when I'm faded
You hardpressed, this ain't a popularity contest
You'll get popped in the 'Bury in your heart chest
So watch what you sayin' and who you speakin' to
My water runs deep in every crack that it's leakin through

On fire
I heat it up
I'm burnin up
On fire
Burn it up
I'm burnin up

Hey yo, you hesitant, it's evident
See, I'm the bomb, you the Bush like the president
Represent Massachusetts residents
Abuse rap kids, ain't no evidence of negligence
Ever since I use the mic to make better sense
I control the stage since the golden age
A whole part of the book, you a half a page
Cut short like half of days, rip muthafuckas half my age
Boston's only undisputed, we aimin at each other
Who gon' be the first to shoot it?
Love the game so much that it hurts me not to do it
We can fight for our people that's been prosecuted
Get these trees uprooted
For me it's 'bout Overlooked
For you it'd be a better beat and a fresher hook
I got a second win, a fresher look
Ain't no tellin' what's gon' happen when the pressure cook
Now come on

On fire
I heat it up
I'm burnin up
On fire
Burn it up
I'm burnin up

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