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The Truth Hurts (2001)Edit

  1. Sayin' Somethin'
  2. Just Because (featuring Free)
  3. On Dogz
  4. Bitch Up Off Me (featuring Blac Coffey)
  5. What U Know (featuring Nottz)
  6. Too Much to Live Fo'
  7. Understand
  8. Extreme (featuring Deric Quest)
  9. Nothing Ventured (featuring Black Thought)
  10. Don't Talk About It
  11. Situations (featuring Pete Rock)
  12. Work for It (featuring Bald Head Slick)
  13. Big Business (featuring Tajai and Casual)
  14. Last Word (featuring The Last Word)

My Own Worst Enemy (2004)Edit

  • Featuring Pete Rock
  1. Boston
  2. Just Call My Name (featuring Jaysaun)
  3. Voices
  4. School'em
  5. Streets Is Callin' (featuring Diamond D and Jaysaun)
  6. Pay The Price (featuring Jaysaun)
  7. Wishing (featuring Masta Ace)
  8. Right Now! (featuring Pete Rock)
  9. Stop Dat (featuring Krumb Snatcha and Jaysaun)
  10. Revolution

Other SongsEdit

  1. Can't Trust Nobody
  2. Gunz Still Hot

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aka: Edo G, Ed O.G

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Ed O.G. is a performance name for Edward Anderson.

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1987 - present

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